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About thcoo

One-stop Solutions for All Industries

We understand the challenges of various industries, and manufacture reliable quality products through top-notch equipment and professional production technology, so that customers' ideas can be quickly realized.

Industry Solutions

Transportation Communication

Application fields such as transportation and communication, rail transit, RV, electric power and industry (lock)

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Intelligent Office Field

Intelligent office field (lifting desk, ergonomics, increasing demand)

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Medical Field

Kitchen appliances, medical care and other application fields (linear actuator)

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About RV locks

All metal construction;Easy to install;Dust & water proof;Smootm rust-proof surface;Keep you and your family safe

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Application Of Push Rod In Range Hood

The solution is reliable and low noise;Unique sports application, easy to integrate; Global partners have extensive experience

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Customization Process

  • Receive drawings or samples from the customer.

  • Develop 3D drawings according to the customer’s 2D drawings or samples, and send the 3D drawings to the customer for confirmation. Skip this step in case the customer has provided the 3D drawings.

  • Prepare the quotation once having the customer's confirmation on 3D drawings.

  • Produce moulds / toolings after the customer confirms the quotation and places PO for moulds / toolings.

  • Produce initial samples and ship them to the customer for confirmation.

  • Arrange mass production after the customer confirms the samples and places mass production PO.

  • Perform final inspection by our inspectors or invite the customer for a co-inspection of the finished products.

  • If the inspection result is an OK, arrange to ship the goods once the customer has agreed to release the shipment.

R & D Strength

Professional team, sophisticated equipment, continuous innovation.

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Production Ability

Advanced production equipment, perfect production line.

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Strict Quality Control

Professional quality control center, personnel.

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Product Quality

Products have passed advanced testing equipment and standardized process.

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